Inside the Minds of Donors: Portrait of a Donor – Ladislav Kossar

I have been following the Philanthropy Posts for some time and what really interests me are the articles about the „new donors“ in our region. New donors are successful people who made their fortunes and decided to focus and invest part of it in the philanthropy. Of course, there are not that many Bill Gates around but I am glad to say that even in Slovakia we hear more and more stories about the people who switched their attention from the businesses to the social realm and public benefit. I would like to share some of their stories with you.

This story is about a highly business skilled and oriented guy who has found his happiness in helping children from foster homes. I believe that his example could be an inspiration for new donors in Central Europe, too.

April 19, 2012

Cultivating local donors: how can experienced ping pong player become new Novak Djokovic?

In November 2010 group of representatives from nonprofit organizations that support local philanthropy development from Western Balkan countries has met to discuss the strategies for further development of the philanthropy in our countries. Trying to describe the obstacles that nonprofit organizations have while organizing local fundraising activities, I used analogy – person with very good ping-pong playing skills that is trying to play tennis. Being quite good and experienced in playing ping-pong – as nonprofits are in writing proposals, maintaining good donor relations and implementing projects funded by the international donor agencies – does not qualify us much in becoming new Nole in tennis – that is being good in local fundraising strategies and tactics.

April 6, 2012