So, what did we expect to happen and what actually happened in 2012? – Part II

Continuing our exploration of what actually happened in 2012, we present here four more predictions made for 2012 and assessments on how they’ve turned out:
2012 Prediction 4: New mechanisms and tools will be developed so as to make giving easier. General increase of e-transactions will influence increase of e-philanthropy (online giving); other tools and mechanisms will also develop including payroll giving and monthly pledges. Promotion of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding mechanisms will increase.
Partially fulfilled. While there has been measurable progress in developing new mechanisms and tools throughout most of the countries, it seems that adoption of the new tools is not yet part of the regular fundraising activities of the organizations.

March 31, 2013

PhilanthropyPosts with you again: So, what did we expect to happen and what actually happened in 2012?

The new round of PP blogs is starting (a bit late admittedly) with a look back at 2012: what we expected to happen in the philanthropy field and what actually happened?

Just to remind you, towards the end of 2011, PP asked a number of friends and active practitioners of philanthropy in the region to provide their views on what could be expected for 2012.

With 2012 now complete and a good part of the new year still ahead of us, PP once again asked those same friends and practitioners to reflect on the 2012 predictions and give us insight into which predictions came true and why some predictions may not have been fulfilled. They were also asked to provide a set of goals / priorities upon which we might jointly concentrate on in 2013 in order to further the development of philanthropy in the region.

March 20, 2013