Big Brother, a guerilla performance, a new heart…or shaming Serbia into giving

Last Monday, my FB account was overwhelmed by a shared YouTube video of Sergej Trifunovic’s (a well-known and somewhat controversial Serbian actor) speech that he gave on VIP Big Brother.  

Sergej, who was invited to appear as a guest in the studio during the ongoing BB show used his interview time for something that was pretty much a guerilla performance. Instead of talking about BB and its celebrity contestants, he used his time to scold the whole of Serbia for spending money on SMSes for voting on BB and asked that instead people donate money for a new heart for little Tijana Ognjanovic…and boy, was he rough!!!

April 9, 2013

Part 3 of 3 in the series: So, what did we expect to happen and what actually happened in 2012?

Wrapping up our three-part series on what happened in the world of philanthropy during 2012 through the eyes of key leaders of foundations throughout the Balkans, we review the last 4 predictions that were made at the beginning of last year and hear how each was or was not fulfilled.
As always, we welcome your comments or counterpoints to the views expressed by our esteemed colleagues in the field…

April 7, 2013