Inside the Minds of Donors (Part I): Researching Donors’ Behavior

The questions arising from the last post: Do we know why donors give? Do we know how they choose the recipients? Do we know how to motivate them? motivated me to search for answers. In-depth research/reports that focus on individual donors’ types, motivation, decision-making are rare, practically non-existent in our region. However, there is some interesting – and recent too – research done in USA (Money for Good I and II) on various aspects of donors behaviour that resulted in the reports that explored i.e. How can non-profits more effectively obtain donations from individuals (by Hope Consulting and some of it in partnership with GuideStar). True, the research/reports were made in and for US market, but it seems to me that they nevertheless offers some insights into donors behavior – because people are people everywhere, aren’t they?

Here are some of the insights for individual donors (some of which surprised me a bit):

January 27, 2012

Who are the donors?

After this prolonged holiday break (you know – regular Xmas and then orthodox Xmas, regular New Year and so on… eh, life on the Balkans) I was wondering how to start this year’s posts? What I would like to happen in 2012? Well, for one, I would like to see more local donors giving. So I am starting in 2012 by presenting another piece of last year’s media monitoring research that gives a bit of an insight into local donors community in the region – as it might help us understand how these communities look like now.

January 20, 2012