Popular Philanthropy: What Were the Most Reported on Philanthropic Actions in YOUR Country in the Past Two Months?

As we wrote before, Philanthropy Posts’ new effort, the Catalyst initiative is following media in 7 countries in the region trying to work out ways to measure philanthropy. As we were looking into the data, we were interested to see what actions got the most media attention in each of the countries. This is an opportunity for you to see how media in your country view what is interesting for their audience:

July 12, 2013

National Giving Day: Would You Like to Try It?

Just a couple of weeks ago, the Serbian Philanthropy Forum (SPF) officially launched the National Giving Day, an initiative done for the first time in Serbia. While the name (national day) suggests that it is just one day when giving is encouraged, SPF decided to take things a little bit differently.

This post will tell you more about how they came up with the whole idea and how it is going to be implemented, but will also look at some examples of the same or similar ideas from other countries and continents that you may find inspiring! Who knows, maybe one day we’ll write about the Balkans Giving Day?

July 4, 2013