Učenje filantropije: Prilike za podršku i umrežavanje u Regionu

Iako ulazimo u letnje mesece, izgleda da nema usporavanja u radu mnogih fondacija i organizacija u Regionu koje su fokusirane na unapređenje filantropije iz lokalnih izvora i prikupljanja sredstava.
Sve ovo izgleda kao dobra prilika da damo jedan skraćeni prikaz aktivnosti koje će se odvijati tokom leta a i u jesen, kako bismo bili sigurni da ćete ove događaje staviti na vaše kalendare.

June 28, 2013

Learning Philanthropy: Opportunities for Support and Networking in the Region

As we come into the summer months, it appears that there is no slowing down yet in the engine rooms of many foundations and organizations in the region who are focused on fostering local-sourced philanthropy and fundraising.
So this seems like a good opportunity to give a brief round-up of some of the activities taking place over the summer and into the fall, so that you can be sure to get these events on your calendar…

June 24, 2013

Portrait of a Donor: Nikola Koprivica or The one who gives should be thankful!

Last year, PP brought you portraits of two major individual donors, both from out of our region. We thought it might be time to show that there are such donors in Western Balkans too! This post is about Nikola Koprivica, businessman and philanthropist from Montenegro, who, in memory of his father, established Foundation “Ćano Koprivica” in Niksic in Montenegro.

His father, Stanislav-Ćano Koprivica was widely known in Montenegro for his philanthropic giving and is considered as one of the greatest Montenegrin philanthropists. The first Montenegrin Iskra Award for Individual Philanthropy was given to him, posthumously, for outstanding life contribution. Often are quoted his words: “it is not important how much money you have, what is important is to know what to do with it.”

This is Nikola’s (Stanislav’s son) story:

June 20, 2013

Portret donatora: Nikola Koprivica ili Onaj koji daje treba da bude zahvalan!

Prošle godine, PP vam je prikazao dva značajna individualna donatora, oba van našeg regiona. Mislili smo da je sada pravo vreme da vam pokažemo da takvih donatora ima i na Zapadnom Balkanu! Ovaj post govori o  Nikoli Koprivici, biznismenu i filantropu iz Crne Gore, koji je, u znak sećanja na svoga oca, uspostavio Fondaciju “Ćano Koprivica” u Nikšiću u Crnoj Gori.

Njegov otac, Stanislav-Ćano Koprivica bio je poznat po svojim filantropskim donacijama I smatra se za jednog od najvećih filantropa Crne Gore. Prva nagrada “Iskra” za izuzetan doprinos individualnoj filantropiji u Crnoj Gori mu je dodeljena posthumno. Često se citira njegova izreka: “Nije bitno koliko novca imaš,već da  znaš šta sa tim novcem da uradiš.”

Ovo je priča Stanislavovog sina, Nikole:

June 20, 2013

Measuring Philanthropy – First Results Are In!

Philanthropy Posts has launched a new effort, the Catalyst initiative, that is aimed at better understanding the real level of philanthropy and culture of giving in the region. We believe that instances of philanthropy are underreported and that the culture of giving has begun to awaken once again throughout the Balkans.
Since 1 May, we have been collecting press clippings from 7 countries in the region, to use as one of the inputs into a database on giving that we will be creating over the next 6 months. While we are still working out the kinks in coding the data we have gained from the press clippings, and trying to sort out how to best analyze the vast quantity of information we have already gathered (more than 1,000 press clippings in 45 days), we decided to give you a snapshot of what we have gathered so far.

June 13, 2013

Bulgarian Donor’s Forum: can the rest of us do it as well?

While, over the years, there were lot of attempts to create functioning donors’ forums in Western Balkans countries, I don’t know of any example (if you do, please share) that it really worked both in terms of time as well as achieving their purpose. Now, when so many of the foreign donors left (or are in the process of leaving), it seems that – in most of the countries – we even stop attempting to create such forums.

And that’s pity, because functioning donors forum can have even more important role now, when we have local philanthropic organizations and entities, and why not, individual philanthropists. Promoting and advocating for philanthropy would be much more successful with combination of local players – such as foundations and corporations; not to say anything about supporting local donors to give more effectively. And, Bulgarian Donors Forum proves this!


June 6, 2013