Fires in the Region – How Can You Help?

Another natural disaster has hit the region. Wildfires across Montenegro and Croatia have forced evacuations. There are fires in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well, though not as dangerous. Many firefighters with the help of volunteers are fighting day and night. Some places are still at risk, but when they extinguish the fire, help is going Read more

July 19, 2017

Catalyst Conversations: What have we been up to?

“Hello…it’s me. I was wondering if after all these years, you’d like to meet…” – Adele Okay, so it hasn’t been years since we’ve been on the blog, but after another absence, we’re back! And even though we’ve been a bit silent on this end, that doesn’t mean we haven’t been busy. In fact, Catalyst Read more

August 1, 2016

Part 3 of 3 in the series: So, what did we expect to happen and what actually happened in 2012?

Wrapping up our three-part series on what happened in the world of philanthropy during 2012 through the eyes of key leaders of foundations throughout the Balkans, we review the last 4 predictions that were made at the beginning of last year and hear how each was or was not fulfilled.
As always, we welcome your comments or counterpoints to the views expressed by our esteemed colleagues in the field…

April 7, 2013

So, what did we expect to happen and what actually happened in 2012? – Part II

Continuing our exploration of what actually happened in 2012, we present here four more predictions made for 2012 and assessments on how they’ve turned out:
2012 Prediction 4: New mechanisms and tools will be developed so as to make giving easier. General increase of e-transactions will influence increase of e-philanthropy (online giving); other tools and mechanisms will also develop including payroll giving and monthly pledges. Promotion of crowdsourcing and crowdfunding mechanisms will increase.
Partially fulfilled. While there has been measurable progress in developing new mechanisms and tools throughout most of the countries, it seems that adoption of the new tools is not yet part of the regular fundraising activities of the organizations.

March 31, 2013

PhilanthropyPosts with you again: So, what did we expect to happen and what actually happened in 2012?

The new round of PP blogs is starting (a bit late admittedly) with a look back at 2012: what we expected to happen in the philanthropy field and what actually happened?

Just to remind you, towards the end of 2011, PP asked a number of friends and active practitioners of philanthropy in the region to provide their views on what could be expected for 2012.

With 2012 now complete and a good part of the new year still ahead of us, PP once again asked those same friends and practitioners to reflect on the 2012 predictions and give us insight into which predictions came true and why some predictions may not have been fulfilled. They were also asked to provide a set of goals / priorities upon which we might jointly concentrate on in 2013 in order to further the development of philanthropy in the region.

March 20, 2013

Philanthropy in the region: Introducing Republic of Turkey

The size of philanthropy and social investment in Turkey are growing. Although philanthropy in Turkey is on the increase, the institutional form of giving is still low, reflecting a gap in knowledge about how to give effectively and a consequent lack of sophistication in mechanisms for giving.

Individual Giving

Individual giving is deeply rooted in the cultural and religious fabric of Turkey, yet it is these traditions that make Turkish people more likely to give directly to family and neighbors than through more organized efforts to civil society organizations (CSOs).  In fact, 80% of individuals report giving financial donations, but 87% prefer direct giving as the most effective form of philanthropy as opposed to giving to CSOs.

March 8, 2012

Philanthropy in the region: Introducing Republic of Kosovo

Kosovars have a well-grounded history philanthropic work. Over the years the work has changed in shapes and sizes but the essence of improving the lives of others has remained intact. The solidarity and warmness that the Kosovar community has for its fellow men has been a part of its past and continues to be a part of its future. This generosity was clearly demonstrated during the recent extremely cold winter days in Europe. During these snowy days, we experienced how individuals and companies mobilized themselves to plow snow, open up the roads and help those in need. After all, that’s the municipalities’ job but individuals acted as an extended arm to local authorities.

February 24, 2012

Philanthropy in the region: Introducing Republic of Macedonia

January is a month when people in Macedonia celebrate among several religious holydays (Orthodox Christmas, Epiphany, etc) and the birthday of Toshe Proeski – the famous singer that tragically lost his life in October 2007 in a car incident in Croatia. This 25th of January, on the day of his 31st birthday, several fundraising events were organized in order to remember this great young man that was known in Balkans not only as a singer but as a person that has initiated and organized many humanitarian and philanthropic activities. Toshe’s last concert, organized several days before his death was fundraiser-he succeeded to raise more than 100.000 $US for reconstructions in the primary schools in Macedonia.

February 10, 2012

Who are the donors?

After this prolonged holiday break (you know – regular Xmas and then orthodox Xmas, regular New Year and so on… eh, life on the Balkans) I was wondering how to start this year’s posts? What I would like to happen in 2012? Well, for one, I would like to see more local donors giving. So I am starting in 2012 by presenting another piece of last year’s media monitoring research that gives a bit of an insight into local donors community in the region – as it might help us understand how these communities look like now.

January 20, 2012