Philanthropy – alive and kicking!

I know that we (civil society I mean) are in various ways trying to develop philanthropy, but this whole business with media monitoring confirmed what I started to suspect for some time already: philanthropy in the region is alive and kicking and it’s been developed by many, many actors, thank you very much!  

What do I mean by that? Well, media, companies, PR agencies, SMEs, law firms, celebrities, sportspersons, politicians, church, teachers, doctors, local choruses, cafe owners, rich and those not so rich… when you read media reports it seems that everybody is doing something!

Now, one of the questions – for me at least – might be what is civil society place in all that development; but this time, I would just like to invite you to take a quick glance at how philanthropy – developed by so many diverse people and groups – looks like in these four countries?

December 1, 2011