Companies and Groups of Individuals Are Primary Donor Sources for 2013 in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Giving by companies and groups of individuals (mass individual) accounted for 78% of all giving in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2013.  Catalyst’s publication today of the 2013 Annual Report on the State of Philanthropy for Bosnia and Herzegovina was based on an analysis of nearly 400 instances of philanthropy.

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This baseline measurement of the levels of philanthropic activity has allowed Catalyst to estimate that at least €5.9 million was given by companies, individuals and the diaspora during 2013 in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Corporate and mass individual giving dominated in both the amount of giving and the frequency of giving.  Corporate donors gave in greater amounts (42.4%) than mass individual donors (36.2%).  But mass individual donors were more frequently associated (40.1%) with instances of giving than corporate donors (31.8%).

Nearly 90% of giving flowed primarily through three types of recipient entities: institutions, individuals and families, and non-profit organizations.

The top three most common final beneficiary groups included children and adults with health issues 24.6%), economically vulnerable people (18.8%), and children and adults with disabilities (13.0%)

Click on the below thumbnail of the infographic to get a quick understanding of the dynamics of domestic-sourced philanthropy in Bosnia and Herzegovina in 2013:

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In addition to the infographic, the 2013 report can be downloaded in full report format and in a quick facts booklet style.

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